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LCD TV repair

LCD is a display made of liquid crystal. Liquid crystal is a substance that looks like a liquid, but its molecules have a special arrangement.


LED TV repair

When you see the term LED TV in various advertisements, it means that you have come across an LCD TV with LED backlight or LED-Backlit.


PLASMA TV repair

Plasma TV is made and produced by three big companies, Panasonic, Samsung and LG. They use plasma cells to display pixels.

Agnesh company (authorized TV repair agency)

The majority of repair devices are LED, LCD, PLASMA TVs, Agnes has a very rich collection of spare parts and tools and equipment necessary to repair such systems, which together with expert and experienced personnel creates a The process is useful and effective in the shortest possible time. Most of the repairs are done within 48 hours and have a warranty after the repair.


Agnesh services

Today is the day you did your best to finish your work early and bought seeds, chips and puffs on the way home. Hurry back home, sit in front of the TV before dinner to enjoy the sweet win of Real Madrid or Barcelona. what happened?! Why is the TV broken? Why is it not clear? Why is it not working well? I know you are angry, but the work is done and it is better to diagnose and repair the TV today so as not to miss the return game. You can repair the main brands of LED, LCD and plasma TVs at our advanced TV repair agency, including Samsung, LG, Toshiba and Panasonic, Sony, Philips, Canon, etc. Repairing your TV for minor issues can be much cheaper than buying a brand new TV.

No matter where you bought your TV, don't worry if it needs repair. Call us (05138415050) to get you back to enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies again.

Most repairs can be done within 24 to 48 hours of your calling us because we work until 8:30pm and we hate to see anyone stuck. We will do our best for you. Obviously, the sooner you contact us, the better your device repair requests will be handled. Aganesh Engineering Company repairs most models and brands of TVs

Why use Agnesh to repair your TV?

Agnesh TV repair agency with full qualification, and senior electronics engineer with more than 40 years of experience in troubleshooting and repair, has one of the most experienced teams in this field and offers unparalleled LCD TV repair services. Our skills in troubleshooting down to the component level, a skill that is sadly on the decline in this throwaway world, allows us to extend the life of many items that would otherwise be unrepairable, unrepairable or “beyond” by unauthorized repair shops. are considered "economic repair".

Our TV repair agency is specially equipped for the repair and service of LCD TVs, edge LED TVs, LED TVs with backlight, equipped with spare parts, test equipment and necessary tools to provide professional and long-lasting TV repairs.


All repair devices, depending on the type of repair, usually have a repair guarantee from at least 3 months to a maximum of 6 months. TV repair can solve the problems of this device and increase its life, if the troubleshooting and repair procedures are done correctly. This means that the repairman can correctly diagnose problems such as not turning on, turning off, no image, image skipping, sound or image interruption, no signal, etc. Then the damaged part or parts are repaired. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the parts of the TV, in which case the new part must be original to ensure its correct and perfect performance. This article contains tips on how to repair your TV.

What is the most common cause of LG or Samsung or Sony TV failure?!

Agnesh professional repairmen know very well why your TV is broken. Most likely, the problem that happened to your TV will be among these causes.


#TV not turning on:

Agnesh professional repairmen know very well why your TV is broken. Most likely, the problem that happened to your TV will be among these causes. Maybe most people think that not turning on the TV is one of the problems that they cannot solve in their TV, and TV repair definitely needs expert advice. But it is better to first read the following points in this article and if the problem is not solved, leave the work to an expert.

These problems of not turning on the TV are usually caused by a problem with the device's power supply, but sometimes it may be caused by a problem with the TV's hardware. In short, if there is a problem with the power supply or the hardware of the TV, the problem can appear as follows:

- The TV does not turn on
- The image appears on the TV for a moment and turns off.
- Flashing lights on the TV.
- The TV turns on and off.
- The TV turns off after a few hours.
- The reason for the sudden shutdown of televisions.
- The TV will turn on automatically.

There are customers who contact Agnesh to repair the TV and solve the problem of the TV not turning on. This happens when the TV does not turn on at all. In this case, be sure to first check that there is no problem with the outlet or the electrical protector, and then connect the device to the direct current to find out if there is a problem with the electricity or the TV. Note that in some older models there is a power button (on and off button) on the back or under the device that you need to turn it on, so be sure to check the device's power button.

If you see that it only shows the LG or Samsung or Sony logo and the image no longer appears, you should leave it to a professional to check the device. If the power does not enter the device at all, disconnect devices such as the power protector from the TV and check whether it is healthy or not. Maybe the problem is with the electrical protector

Customers call us to repair the TV and fix the problem of turning it on and off. This happens when the TV turns on, displays the logo, and then quickly turns off. This term is called reboot. The truth is that somewhere in the heart of your TV is a piece called (Mainboard).

If your TV is constantly restarting, it is most likely related to the motherboard and needs to be repaired. Many board repairs can now be done using a series of advanced tools such as a REBALL or RESOLD machine.

Sometimes the TV may turn on automatically when the power is turned off and on again, this is quite normal because the device has a function called auto power on and it turns on by default. This problem can also be due to the wake up timer of the device, which should be checked.

It is not always necessary to replace the parts of the TV. Sometimes the TV can be repaired only with software changes. Of course, restarting the TV can have other reasons and is not limited to the main board. For example, a piece of panel can also cause this problem. We suggest that you try the mentioned steps first, otherwise, if you are unable to solve the problem yourself, you can ask our experts to help you fix the problem of TV repair.

For this, it is enough to contact the LG TV repair agency in Mashhad or the Samsung TV repair agency in Mashhad or the Sony repair agency in Mashhad, which is Aganesh company, and ask for help from experienced consultants and experts.


#Create vertical lines on the TV screen:

One of the most common TV problems is vertical and horizontal lines on its screen. These lines can be seen diagonally, colored or black and white in different parts of the TV. The line falling on the TV can have various reasons.

This issue can indicate a problem in playing the image. These lines can be caused by a burnt coil or a loose connection. An engineer can replace the defective part. Another part that can be damaged is the capacitor


#TV without sound:

Sound is an important part of television that cannot be ignored. But the solution to these problems is not always limited to repairing the TV. Sometimes, when the sound of the TV is cut off, the sound problems of LG, Samsung, Sony, etc. are related to the settings or simple problems that can be easily solved. In some cases where the experience and expertise of a TV technician is needed for hardware repairs, the repair process is not so time-consuming or expensive and is done in a short period of time. Agnesh company repairs most TV brands, including Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Canon, Philips and other products.


# You have sound but no image :

Try increasing the brightness and contrast. If there is still no image, you can check that all the wires are correctly connected to the sockets on the right. If that doesn't help, there's not much you can do other than call someone to do a professional TV repair for you.


# Images that are discolored or not moving:

Discolored images can be fixed by reconfiguring the image settings. Use contrast, brightness and color saturation to get a perfectly balanced image.
If any of the wires on the back of the TV are loose, it can cause discoloration. So check that all the connections are tight and that should fix the picture issues. If the problem still persists, you may need to contact an engineer.


# Creating black areas on the screen

The problem of creating a halo or shadow spot can be due to reasons such as dust, the expiration of the useful life of the device, excessive and long-term use of Samsung TV, environmental humidity, high heat, and temperature differences.

In the best conditions, this halo or black spot may be dust, which can be easily solved with a handkerchief, but if the problem is more serious, you should pay attention to the problem and investigate its causes.


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How to Repair a VHS Tape, VHS Repair Guide

Broken VHS tape? Without worry! For many families, videotapes contain some of their most treasured memories. Since the advent of video cameras, millions of people around the world have been filming important events in their lives and their families.

At some point, most of us have experienced a broken tape, or a VCR ate their video tape, resulting in a tape that no longer plays normally. At first glance, you might think all hope is lost, and your tape is gone forever...

But it's actually very easy to repair your own video tapes! After reading this guide, you'll have the knowledge to not only repair VHS tapes, but repair video8 tapes, repair betamax tapes, or even repair MiniDV tapes!

The Tools You'll Need Having worked with large amounts of old media for a while now, I've seen just about every problem a videotape can have. The most common problem is that the tape simply snaps or breaks somewhere in the middle. For this guide, I will demonstrate VHS tape repair, which is the most common tape repair I see.

To make your own repairs, you'll need a Phillips screwdriver, some duct tape, scissors, and a steady hand. If you're having a hard time finding duct tape in your area, it's easy enough to find

What's broken in your bar? First check the tape, look under the flap and see if the tape is damaged. If the tape is split, the evidence will be obvious, because there is either a crumpled tape:

Or no strip is visible under the protective flap: How to Separate Your Tape Once you see that the tape is indeed split, the next step is to open the VHS cover. You will need a standard size Phillips head screwdriver for this step. A typical VHS cassette has 5 screws, one in each corner and one in the middle.

Once you have removed all 5 screws, turn the bar so the front is facing you and then gently rock the case back and forth to lift it off the base, being careful not to disturb the internals too much. If you attached your tape with stickers, it may need to be cut in half to separate the two body halves.

Now the body should look like what I have in the image below. Pay special attention to the placement of internal components in case anything comes loose or dislodges. Taking a digital photo of the opened case or having a diagram will help you with this.

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